About TRIVIA Lifestyle

Trivia Lifestyle is the fastest-growing Direct Selling Company with the vision to enriching the lives of people associated with our innovative problem-solving business opportunity by promoting Wellness products for joyful and wealthy life in togetherness.

The fundamentals of Trivia Lifestyle, in short, revolves around sourcing the best products at an affordable price while sharing profits to the Independent Business Owner of Trivia Lifestyle through Direct Selling. In other words, a business that creates wealth that can be shared to bring prosperity among the participants.

Our Vision

To be the gold standard of the globally acclaimed Direct selling industry by offering high-quality service of enduring trust while promoting the spirit of free enterprise to bring prosperity and enrich lives.

Our Mission

To develop a unique range of Health Products to meet every customer's needs and offer them at affordable prices. At the same time, devising the best Marketing Plan under a free enterprise-based business process.

Our Values

Take initiative and ownership | Be ambitious & create your own opportunities | Work smart, work hard | Be a team player, collaborate, have fun | Get out of your comfort zone | Be part of the solution.


TRIVIA is Based on the fastest-growing industry, Wellness. At TRIVIA we provide a blueprint for all your basic needs as well as how to live a successful lifestyle on your own terms.